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NACA - NEW Editor in Chief Wanted


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It's with a certain measure of sadness that I have taken the decision to step down as NACA Editor In Chief.

Unfortunately, after a little over 2 years work and family commitments are now at a level where I can no longer find time to fulfill the role. In the past my job has been more flexible and it has allowed me enough time to put the time and effort that NACA deserves. Hopefully, I've done a decent job with the Editions I've overseen. I've been very lucky to have Sal on board as well, and also a great list of contributors.

I'm working on getting NACA 2016 Q2 put together in the next month, so with any luck there will be someone out there who wants to take up the reigns and move NACA forward.

The parameters are all in place; with NACA online via ISSUU. Sal, as mentioned is still on board and I am more than willing to help with questions or information for anyone who is interested in the role; such as overview, timelines, process etc. Here are some of the responsibilities:

Theme and Overview of each Edition (I aim for 80-130 pages per Online Edition)

Securing articles and material (Via CAG and requests)

Editing Articles and Pictures (into a format Sal can work with)

Coordinating with Sal on material 

Coordinating with Sal on final NACA and Editing/changes

Posting links, pictures and information on social media

Coordinating Yearly Printed Edition (printing and mailing contacts are all in place)


I'm sure there are a few other things included, but PLEASE DO NOT BE PUT OFF by the responsibilities. If you have the passion you can drive the magazine forward in the direction YOU wish it to go. It is a lot of work but it is VERY rewarding to see the final product.

Again, if anyone is interested please let myself or the BOD know and I'll help in anyway I can. 

Brookesy (Dean)







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Sad news Dean, yet totally understandable. Your work with NACA over past couple years has been remarkable. Passion, dedication and professionalism. Fins-up for all you have done.


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A huge thank you for all you have done. Members don't realize how much work you have put into this job. Will be difficult to find a replacement.

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Many thanks for your dedication, Dean. Acting as editor is indeed a very demanding task, and you spent a huge amount of work on this, much appreciated.

Just to clarify something for the readers: Dean is staying with the BoD, he's stepping out of the NACA editor position, no more.

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