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  1. Austin

    WCB bait lot

    I have another WCB bait lot for sale. All baits in this will be 2$ a piece plus shipping. Included is 19 groundbaits- 9 tutti frutti, 5 tiger nut, and 5 strawberry. 2 jars of hookbait boilies- 1 strawberry, 1 anise. 3 bottles of booster- 2 strawberry, 1 four seasons. 11 jars of dip- 2 pineapple, 1 tiger nut, 3 sweet corn, 2 strawberry, 2 four seasons, and 1 scopex. 5 cans of Maize- 2 strawberry, 3 sweetcorn 1 jumbo corn in strawberry.
  2. Austin

    Bait lot

    I have a bait lot for sale, there are 15 bags of ernies method mix and 4 bags of ground base mix from wcb. Each bag is 2$ plus shipping. I also have an assortment of top mix ground baits for 2$ a bag there are 12 of them.
  3. Austin

    FS: Steve Neville Alarms

  4. Ive got a set of 3 steve neville alarms with the receiver for sale. They have only ever been on two sessions with me, pretty much brand new. Im asking 400$ for the set plus shipping these for retail sell at around 670$, and will only sell them as a set. only reason I'm selling them is i want to upgrade to a new set of alarms. heres a photo of them online, if anyone would like a picture of the actual set let me know!
  5. Hey all so i've got a few bait packages for sale, as you guys know I was selling some baits individually a little bit ago but that didn't go so well so i'm going to just offer these packages with a fixed shipping using the flat rate boxes. World Classic lot: so in this lot I have a total 15 bags of old packaging groundbait and will do three packages of 5 with it. I have 7 vanilla, 1 scopex, 7 strawberry. Let me know what package of 5 you would like. it will be 20$ for the 5 and 11.30$ for the shipping. So it will be 31.30$ per box to be shipped. The I have 4 oldpackaging world classic ground base mixes that im selling in a package for 27.30 shipped. Then I have 18 1lb bags of boilies from world classic. Again I will be selling these in packages of 5 and one package of 3 it will be 46.30 for the 5 shipped and 32.30 for the 3 shipped. again let me know what flavors you would like in your your package. below is a list of flavors pineapple-1 Strawberry-1 tutti frutti-2 4 season-1 Sweet corn-2 vanilla-2 anise-3 bioactive-2 tiger nut-2 grits-2 then for this package I have 19 bags of the new packaging world classic groundbait, and again im doing packages of 5 and one package of 4. it will be 31.30 for the 5 shipped and 27.30 for the 4 shipped. below is a list of the flavors tutti frutti- 9 tigernut- 5 strawberry- 5 Then for this package I have 12 containers of world classic hookbait boilies, I will sell these in packages of 4 for 31.30 shipped. Just let me know what flavors you would like in your package. Bio active- 1 Vanilla-2 Sweetcorn-1 Pineaplle-2 Strawberry-2 Tigernut-2 Anise-1 Tutti frutti-1 Then for this package I have 11 containers of world classic dips, i will be selling them in a package of 5 and a package of 6. for the package of 5 it will be 41.30 shipped and for the package of 6 it will be 47.30 shipped. just let me know what you would like in the package. Pineapple- 2 tigernut-1 sweetcorn- 3 strawberry-2 4 seasons-2 scopex-1 for the last package i have 4 containers of world classic maize for 21.30 shipped strawberry-2 sweetcorn-2 Here are some pics: Old packageing ground base mix Old packaging groundbait New packaging groundbait Bag boilies Hook bait boilies dips maize
  6. Hey all I've got another bait lot for sale, there's a few more items in this than the last. All is brand new, feel free to PM any questions! GROUND BAIT: $4 a bag 5 bags of strawberry ground bait 2 bags of tutti fruity ground bait 5 bags of tiger nut ground bait 3 bags of Hemp madness ground bait 1LB BAGS OF BOILIES: $6 a bag 1 bag of 4 season 20mm 1 bag of pineapple 20mm 2 bags of sweet corn 20mm 2 bags of bio active 20mm 2 bags of vanilla 20mm 2 bags of grits 20mm 2 bags of Strawberry 20mm 3 bags of tiger nut 20mm 3 bags of tutti fruity 20mm 3 bags of anise 20mm DIPS/GLUGS: $6 dollars a jar 2 pineapple dips 2 tiger nut dips 3 sweet corn dips 2 strawberry dips 2 four seasons dips 2 scopex dips JARS OF HOOKBAIT BOILIES, CONTAIN 20mm and 16mm IN EACH JAR.. $4 a jar 1 jar of bio active boilies 2 jar of tiger nut boilies 1 jar of anise boilies 1 jar of sweet corn boilies 1 jar of tutti fruity boilies 2 jars of vanilla boilies 2 jars of strawberry boilies 2 jars of pineapple boilies GIANT CORN $4 a jar 2 jars of scopex giant corn JARS OF MAIZE $3 a jar 2 jars of strawberry maize 2 jars of sweet corn maize BOTTLES OF BOOSTER $5 a jar 1 bottle of pineapple booster 1 bottle of tiger nut booster 2 bottles of strawberry booster 1 bottle of 4 season booster
  7. Austin

    Rods for sale!

    Depends on where a outs you are and how many rods you want but for one to two rods it should be around 20$
  8. Austin

    Rods for sale!

    All rods are 12'
  9. Austin

    Rods for sale!

    Unfortunately no lol
  10. Austin

    Rods for sale!

    Hello everyone, I've got a few never been used rods for sale. I've got 2 BFS Carp Rods 2.75lb TC for 10$ a piece, 3 Resistance Tackle Hurricanes 3.5lb TC for 90$ a piece, 3 BFS Extreme Distance Carpers 3lb TC for 40$ a piece, and 6 BFS Classic Carps 2.75lb TC for 25$ a piece. Feel free to PM me with any questions and as I said they are all brand new rods!
  11. Austin

    GroundBait Lot for sale

    Ok sounds good! I will pm ya!
  12. Austin

    GroundBait Lot for sale

    Everything's left still
  13. Austin

    GroundBait Lot for sale

    Bump still for sale guys!
  14. I have a ground bait lot that I would like to sell. there are 15 bags of Ernie's Method Mix from WCB, 1 of which is Scopex, 7 of them are Stawberry, and 7 are Vanilla. I also have 4 Ground Base Mix Plus from WCB. Everything mentioned so far I will sell for 4$ a bag. Plus shipping The rest of the ground baits I have are from Top Mix. There are 2 bags of Top Mix Carp Ponty, 3 bags of Carp Line Top Mix in Caramel, 2 bags of the Top Mix Adalek, then there are 3 bags of the Top Miz that has the green label on it and 1 bag that has the blue label on it. Sorry its hard to read the packages lol. All the bags of top mix I will sell for 5$ a bag. Plus shipping If anyone has any questions feel free to message me.