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  1. Sorry to hear that. Always enjoyed time on the bank with him. RIP Herk. This is a photo from the CT Tourney in 2016.
  2. Couldn't agree more with Todd. Thanks to all those involved.
  3. Thank you Dean for carrying the load on the NACA.
  4. Thanks Dean and all of those involved to make the NACA happen.
  5. Planning CCC dates and venues 2 years out would be nice. Both WI and Bville are also great places to have it.
  6. CARP (Catch and Release Professional )Tournament Series is On board. Forget the fisheries management in my opinion. You can't mange a body of water with 5% or less being talked about. make it a blue ribbon trout equivalent.
  7. Maybe a poll from folks here on the forum on what they prefer would be prudent? If those here know someone wanting a paper version list their name or contact Bob with their name. I think being force fed a paper version if you prefer electronic is just as bad as not making the non-tech folks happy. It's not hard to be flexible and make both happy.
  8. Ed, I just assumed you had a team and/or personnel ready to get this going? My bad.
  9. Ed, So let me get this right. Ed says- Honestly I am just trying to promote it. As for any involvement in the getting it all together I have nothing to offer I have no experience or knowledge in getting together and getting it. Others as usual will have to stand up You want to do a fairly large project (which is fine) but there isn't anyone to publish/edit, help organize it? What am I missing here? David
  10. Hey Ed, Maybe I need to try and explain better my thought process. Lets say there are 5 steps to this process 1. Gather information / advertising etc 2. Edit/organize 3. Place the newsletter in an electronic format for the printer 4. Take/send to print shop -you will edit again probably - Print 5. Ship- Add labels etc at a NFP rate of shipping Step 3 is where I was suggesting you work towards now because you go through that step to reach your final goal. This would give you a chance to get feedback as well from members before you spend $ printing. Could you not be getting quotes because people/groups/organizations don't do print newsletters as much today? Maybe I'm all wrong on how this works now because it's been 10+ years since was really involved, but I'm guessing its still close. Once again Good Luck to those involved. Sorry if I offended anyone!
  11. Ed, That's why i made a "Suggestion" I have been there and done that. I'm not arguing...Just sharing a bit of my experience. You'll need a hard working team as well. Like the NACA to pull it off. Has I not had the great fortune of Stewart McKenzie, Jim Sugihara and a few others showing up I'd never been able to pull it off. I applaud you guys for trying something. I'll also be interested to see what the results of doing it look like 1-2 years from now. And again...Good Luck making it happen.
  12. Ed, Read my post again. I said to get the ball rolling with the e-version. You have to do it in a format(Probably PDF or similar) to take it to a printer. To clarify the 1000 membership in newsletter days(Remember Bud brought me on as Advertising Director) to improve on the NACA. We had 500 paying members and 500+ free "Media" members) We made a decsion when I became Pres to axe the non-paying members because the cost of 500 paying for 1000 was a drain. From there we grew back to closer 900 paying members. That's just when PDF/email was starting. I'll let the results speak for itself. As the NACA improve a direct correlation of paying members grew as well. We also were active in outdoor shows. fish-ins, started the ATC, CAGI. etc. and had a lot of momentum going for us from the base Bud Yancey built. When did we go strictly e-version 2009/ 2010? So you're saying that's when the membership decline started Ed?
  13. Just a suggestion - If you are 100% set on this quarterly newsletter why not get it started with a PDF version? You will run into some snags guaranteed and this will help you get the print version going sooner rather than later. I'm of 2 opinions on this- 1) As a CAG member Id prefer a e-version and let CAG keep the print costs and mailing costs- (Assuming there is a opt in/out option) Plus you can email it to a fishery agencies, media, database very easy and cost effectively. 2) As a supporter of the "Worlds greatest Sportfish" and CAG, it would be nice to send something out to potential new CAG members in our tackle orders. I'd estimate right now less than 10% of our orders go to CAG members. IF CAG is to be the voice of Carp Angers and the Spokesperson of protection of Trophy Carp(Objective 3) it makes sense the membership numbers have to increase. Good Luck to all those involved in getting this project up and running.
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