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Wild Whiskey And More, Bait Pre-Order Fundraiser For Cag

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Hello All,

A couple years back I ran a Carp store called The Bait Stop, I still recieve a healthy dose of emails in regards to some of the baits. I don't sell baits anymore, but I do still love to make baits.

I was throwing around the idea of creating a fundraiser for CAG and here is what I came up with:

I would offer my top 3 personal flavors of specialty maize baits in the following flavors:

1. Wild Whiskey, was my top seller and accounted for many many fantastic captures around North America

2. Wild Peach Berry, Flavor designed and tested all during my 2010/2011 seasoon. My personal bait that I test all other experiments against. Is a blend of Wild Whiskey, Georgia Peach Extract and a South American Berry.

3. Sweet Fire, flavor designed and tested all during my 2011 season. Is a sweet and potently spicey maize.

All of these baits are shelf life and designed to not absord any smells from the waters your fishing. They would come in a 6oz leakproof baitcontainer.

I would offer one tub of your choice of bait shipped to your door for $10 with 100% of proceeds to go to CAG.

If I get 10 or more people interested, it's a green light.

Please respond to this thread if you are interested.

Thanks and tight lines,


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